FreeFinesse is an interactive double-dummy analyzer with an extremely primitive user interface. To try it out, download and run one of the executables linked to below, and copy & paste the following text into the program window:

Enter cards to play in the form 'CA'. To backtrack, specify a card already played; the analyzer will go back to the point at which that card was played.

Download Links

This is an updated version, as of 3rd Mar 2006. There are precompiled versions for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, and a makefile for use on Linux

Executable for Mac OS X (Intel and PPC)
Executable for Windows
Source Code

Source Code

FreeFinesse is free software, released under the GPL. The source code is included in the download packages above. Feel free to make modifications, especially adding a graphical user interface!

My email address is Please get in touch if you have made any improvements, or found any bugs.

Revision History

11th Feb 2006Initial version, compiled for Max OS X and Windows
26th Feb 2006Bugfix version, compiled for Mac OS X Only
3rd Mar 2006Fixes, now with Windows version Logo